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If you start today, in a few months you will be able to know thousands of words and phrases to make yourself understood talking to neighbours and colleagues. in the food store and asking for directions. You can learn even faster, depending on how much time you have got.


Why should you choose sfigunilla?

Here you have the opportunity to increase your vocabulary in a variety of topics, and learn basic Swedish grammar step by step, made by a teacher with over 25 years of experience. You can choose to go through all the lessons, or just the ones you select. Maybe you work full time and don’t have time to study Swedish in a school. Here you can study whenever you have the time.


The course

The course is devided into four levels. Here are some examples of the topics that are included at the different levels. In the parts called GRUNDER (basics) you study grammar and in the parts called TEMA (topic) you increase your vocabulary in different areas.


Level 1


alphabet, vowels, numbers, verbs, present tense, telling time, questions, common phrases,

TEMA (topic)

studying, residence, spare time, family, an ordinary day, talk about yourself,


Level 2


past tense, auxiliary verbs, pronouns, expressing time, word order, adjectives, nouns

TEMA (topic)

the pharmacy, the food store, the weather, clothes, furniture, a party, Sweden, finding your way, body and health, the kitchen, in traffic,


Level 3


pronunciation, stress, short answers, they-them, main clause, subordinate clause, sin-sitt-sina (his, her, their),

TEMA (topic)

Economy, Environment, Democracy, Love and relationship, Children, Traditions, History, Work, Litterature


Level 4


infinitive, adverb, indefinite pronouns, perfect, particle verbs,

TEMA (topic)

Health, Living, Community, Education, Famous Swedes, Society, Working life, News


Frequently asked questions and answers

Here you find the answers to some common questions.

Who can take this course?

Everyone who wants to learn Swedish can take the course. It is created for you who haven’t finished your sfi studies. (Swedish for Immigrants)

If you are new in Sweden and you want to increase you vocabulary at your own pace, this is the course for you.

How long does it take to finish the course?

How long it takes is all up to you, your level when you start studying and the time you spend on your studies. If you are used to studying a new language you can make progress very quickly.

If you are learning fast, it might be enough to go through the lessons once. If not, you might need to repeat the lessons several times to remember them.

Why should I choose to take the course with a tutor?

If you want to learn Swedish very fast you might need some extra help. With a tutor correcting your texts and your oral performances you get personal advice on exactly what you need to practise. You also might get a bit higher motivation if someone is checking your progress.

Can i get a degree studiying this course?

No, you can not get your sfi-degree on the web site. You can go through lots of grammar and topics that will help you passing the sfi-test, but you have to get in touch with your municipality to do the test.

If you take the course with a tutor, they will tell you what level you are at and what you need to practise to pass the test at your level.

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